“Will Riker’s Adorkable Beard” or “How I have spent my time since graduating University”

It’s been a while since we last spoke, and since that time I’ve done a bit of what the man calls “growing up.” Basically, I graduated (convocated?) from University. Since that dull, cloudy day in mid-May, I haven’t really been up to much different from what I usually do: I ate too much, slept too little and watch enough TV to make a lesser (see also: more socially well-adjusted) man’s eyes bleed. Society’s loss, however, is our gain.

I sometimes describe my relationships to television shows as though I’m describing relationships with actual people (ladies, stay back, I’m taken). With this in mind, I fell hard for Fox’s Zooey Deschanel vehicle New Girl, watching both available seasons in the span of a week. My review is simple: the show is fantastic, and shame on all of you out there  –  you know who you are – that hate Zooey just for being adorkable.

Speaking of, here’s Zooey Deschanel being adorkable:

After I binged myself on all that twee-ness, it was time to rekindle an old love affair that I had not thought of in… quite some time…

Sir Alec is the King of “Smell the Fart Acting”

Now, I apologize if the Ben Kenobi picture was misleading, because Star Wars is a love affair that is constant in my life, as it should be with everyone’s. No, I’m talking of course about the excellent Beard-delivery system that is Star Trek The Next Generation. I was a trekkie long before I was a Star Wars fan, but something happened to me as a got older that made me forget all about Trek in favour of George Lucas’ magnum opus.

“File Footage”

But over the last few weeks, my forgotten love of Star Trek has been reignited (much like a WWE pressboard table) thanks to Netflix. Soon, memories came flooding back: Picard’s baldness, Troi’s refusal to wear a uniform, Gates McFadden’s ridiculous name, and most importantly, The Beard. The Beard displays itself heroically on Johnathan Frakes’ chin, and is singlehandedly responsible for the upturn in series quality between season 1 and season 2.

I don’t really know what else to say other than Star Trek The Next Generation rules, but it might not have if Riker didn’t have a beard.

This is getting out of hand. NOW THERE ARE TWO OF THEM (More SW/ST cross-pollination, I know)


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