Rejected WWE Storyline #3248

Okay, so we’ve got Fandango. He’s a wrestler. Plus he dances. Right now, he’s a heel (which is nerd lingo for ‘bad guy’) and the crowd doesn’t like him. But he’s got silly amounts of potential, and has a bright future ahead of him in his career. He’s already had some benefiting (albeit somewhat oddly booked) story-lines. 



So where does he go from here? 

Answer: Tag Team.

With The Boogeyman.



The Boogeyman was a wrestler from 2004-05 in the WWE. He was a pretty odd cat, to say the least. He didn’t have much of a background, apart from being the thing that goes bump in the night. He was known for breaking clocks on his head, eating worms, and telling people he was coming to get them. He was a pretty stand-up guy. But WWE went in a different direction and removed him. I guess he wasn’t a good role model for the kids.



But – get this… the dude could dance.

Who else is a dancer? That’s right! Fandango! He needs a partner that can keep up with his moves – and Boogeyman likes to boogie! It sells itself!

They will be Team BoogieDango! What do you think guys?


… Guys?


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