Dilemma – Nelly ft Kelly Rowland

The troubles Nelly has faced are outstanding. A pretty girl lives across the street. What is a man to do? Write a bitter-sweet rap song, no doubt. Tell me your feelings, bro.

Of COURSE the pretty girl sings the hook. It’s a romance, isn’t it? Hit the showers, rookie.

I think the real Dilemma the artist (Nelly) intended to convey was that the damsel (Rowland) was using a Nokia pager to text her boo to come and dance with her in the street. Her moma does not approve of this sort of behavior. Roaming with a gangster who lives in an upper-middle class two story house in the affluent part of suburbia. Yeah. Nelly is real white trash.

Plus he was in the Longest Yard re-make. When I was fourteen, that was my favourite movie and I was devastated that it wasn’t nominated for best picture. That was right around the same time I thought this song would sound good on a mix tape for girls I like. It would normally follow the Beastie Boys or Jimmy Eat World.


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