10 Movies that I immensely enjoyed in 2012 (thus far)

This list is a very uninspired list, to be quite honest. Some of the movies I found to be thought-provoking, others were just mindless entertainment. That being said, here are ten films from 2012 that I found to be immensely enjoyable.

10 – Ted

I went into this movie with the lowest expectations, mainly because I was expecting a pointless story featuring nothing but vulgar humor and cheap Family Guy-esque jokes. That is exactly what I received, and I couldn’t be happier. There’s certainly no Oscar buzz around this story of a pot-smoking, beer drinking teddy bear that lives with man-child Mark Whalberg, but it definitely caused a lot of laughs. While MacFarlane re-hashed (no pun intended)  one of his many voices for the title character, the story offered a surprisingly touching theme about how embracing adulthood isn’t easy. Especially if you’re Mark Whalberg. Overall, this is a great movie if you’re looking to kick back and enjoy a few cheap laughs at the expense of Justin Beiber, and if you’re looking to be puzzled by the infinite question “How can a teddy bear have sex with a person?”

The answer may surprise you.

The answer may surprise you.

9 – The Hunger Games

I went in to this as unbiased as possible, and left feeling pleased as punch. Unlike many of the screaming adolescent fans that were also in attendance at the midnight showing, I did not read the books. Luckily, I kept my big mouth shut for the duration. Seriously, don’t cross a fan girl. It’s a nasty sight. But I digress.  It is very refreshing to see a fandom story adapted into film well. This film began without any opening credits, and the whole film was vacant of any blatant product placement. Best of all, it didn’t treat the audience like a dumbass.  Those who knew I hadn’t read the book worried that I wouldn’t be able to follow the film, but I did. That is not a testament to my observational skills (yeah, right) it is a testament to the film’s clarity. The performances were great, however some of the dialogue lagged in certain areas, and felt rather awkward.  I would even be as bold to argue that, based on the story’s content, this type of idea might actually be more effective as a film than a book because the medium reflects the message. But hey, whatever gets kids reading, right?

That's right. Give a hoot.

That’s right. Give a hoot.

8  – Dark Knight Rises

A lot of hype surrounded this flick, and a lot of people wondered if it lived up to 2008’s instant classic The Dark Knight.  I really enjoyed the suspense of this movie, however I thought  Tom Hardy was a fantastic Bane, Sean Connery-voice or not. Naturally, with a movie that had as much weight on its shoulders as Atlas, it’s understandable that there would be such a divided response to the film’s ending. In the end, the film served its purpose, and comic fans got to see Bane complete perhaps one of the most villainous deeds in comic book history.

More villainous that this.

More villainous that this.

Some might argue that Nolan applied a “have your cake and eat it too” approach to the franchise’s conclusion, but damn. That was some good cake.




4 thoughts on “10 Movies that I immensely enjoyed in 2012 (thus far)

  1. I like where this list has started and am interested where it will lead. Maybe Marvel’s “The Avengers”, “The Amazing Spider Man” or Ridley’s Scott’s “Prometheus”? Also, please hold out for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”.

    • Thank you! It’s still in working progress, and I think Dark Knight might actually get bumped to #8, because I forgot about Hunger Games. There is also an Honourable Mentions list in the works of flicks I haven’t seen yet, but I’m confident I will enjoy. Updates will come!

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